Sunday, November 2, 2008

Karaoke at the Mint

On All Hallows Eve, Samantha and I joined some friends at a karaoke bar called The Mint. After some liquid courage, Andrea made it up onto stage with Lewis Fernandez (a.k.a. The Artist Prince, the Purple Rain years). 

We performed a powerful rendition of the classic Summer Lovin' from the award should-have-been-winning film Grease. Surprisingly, Lewis performed the Danny Zuko part and I played the demure Sandy (does anybody know what her surname was?). It turns out, after looking at the picture, that we will need to return to the stage and perform The One That I Want, as I just can't seem to pull of "demure". 

Aside from the singing there was dancing and all around merriment had by all those in attendance. In fact, here is some of our group dancing: 

That would be Austin and David our Irish contingency performing their own rendition of River Dance... we'll just call that Celtic Thunder in San Francisco!!

So, ABBA has one more thing that she can scratch off her list o' things to do before she shakes off these mortal coils (in 30 or 40 years!). 

Thanks to everybody who talk me into moving out of my comfort zone!!


sftravelingirl said...

encore encore! :-) though not sure about seeing david dance

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Holy cow! I am impressed. I always stick with Ilene Twain (ie Shania), "Man I feel like a woman"

Paula said...

Yeah for you!!! It would take much "liquid courage" to get me out that comfort zone!!!

Queen B said...

I am SO impressed!

Agent DragonFly said...

AWESOME!! I say we get a karaoke machine for the HCBC event @ Queen B's in January!! :)

Kim Thomas said...

You rock sister!!!!