Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Memories

First, Happy Thanksgiving to Everybody!!

Second, I was thinking of things to write about and got to thinking about some of the different Thanksgiving that I've had. A number have stuck out in my memory, both happy and bittersweet. But one to this day still makes me laugh.

My senior year at Texas A&M I was living off campus in a duplex with two other girls. I was working in a really cute little restaurant as did one of my roommates. That year I was unable to go home for Thanksgiving because the Aggies were playing their annual game against t.u. at Kyle Field and I had to go to the game as well as work, so my wonderful family drove down for the day and brought dinner to me and my one roommate, Kim, who stayed in town.

But, we have to go back in time, just slightly. On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Kim calls me at the restaurant and says "I just saw a mouse in the house!! What do I do?" I of course respond with "Kim, I'm at work and can do nothing to help you. Please call one of the guys to come over and help." One of our guy friends came over and helped set a mouse trap and they managed to capture and get rid of that one.

So, jump forward to Thanksgiving. We are all sitting around my little kitchen table, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother-in-Law, Kim, Me. My sister very calming says "Oh, look, a mouse". And there, sitting in the middle of the floor is this little baby mouse. This of course freaks us all out. My Dad grabs a broom and whacks the baby mouse, then sweeps it out the door. Dad washes his hands and we all sit down and continue dinner. A little while later, another mouse wanders out and we have to have this complete freak out again. Dad and Brother-in-Law then proceed to hunt out a couple more mice and either kill them or stun them and throw them all out into the street and/or garbage.

Eventually, the family has to leave to head back up to Dallas, thus leaving Kim and ABBA to fight off the onslaught of baby mice. By the end of the day, we managed to get rid of no less than 13 baby mice. We decided that the momma mouse was the one that Kim killed on Tuesday and by Thursday all the baby mice were getting hungry and started sending the siblings one after the other to go find momma. "Hey, Joe, you go out and find mom then bring some food back to us." When "Joe" didn't return, they started sending the rest out, one by one.

I know, not exactly the most Thanksgiving-y Thanksgiving story, but it always makes me laugh so hard that tears will run down my face!!



Queen B said...

hahahaha. I have this total cartoon vision of your dad walking the mouse!

what restaurant did you work at?

Andrea said...

I worked at a place called the Grapevine off of Eastgate. I doubt if it was still there when the Queen started school at A&M.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

One little two little three little mouses.

Isnt it funny how these moments are the ones we remember?

Kim Thomas said...

I bet everyone wishes they could spend Thansgiving with someone named Kim

Agent DragonFly said...

That is SOO HILARIOUS!! I feel like I was just watching a skit!!!

Kim, the roommate said...

Remember the one that ran under the range drawer? You're on the floor and very carefully pull the drawer, heavy with our pots and pans, out from under the oven. "Can you see it?" you ask, straining. "No," says me, "let me stick the broom handle under there." And with that, the mouse runs out between your knees, and the two of you are frozen in mutual fear. Then a slow but steadily rising scream begins to fill the air. I'm just as motionless as the two of you, but in my case, I'm about to die, not of fear, but of laughter and if I move, I risk peeing my pants. "Get it! Get it!" you scream, no, shreik. "I can't, I'm going to pee!" I'm doubled over at this point, legs crossed, supported only by the broom-weapon. The mouse uses this opportunity to escape to the living room. Sparing all the gory details, he soon met his maker and with spaghetti tongs, we removed him from the house.

:) One of the funniest moments of my life too. Love you Andrea,
- Kim