Monday, April 6, 2009

Haven't Posted

I know I haven't posted in awhile and I just tried to get into my viewer, but for some reason my BB Bold is failing me. So, I'll write a bit.

I'm currently sitting in Sam's backyard as she changes before we go out to dinner at John's Grill (mentioned in the book The Maltese Falcon). I'm in the same spot that last week I sat in and had my shoes catch fire. Yes, my shoes started to burn. Sam has this very nice metal fire pit that I was sitting next to enjoying yummy dinner a some wine. I had my feet propped up under the fire not really thinking anything would occur. At one point, though, I started to smell rubber burning. My thought "well, that's odd, but oh well." Then it started to get stronger and I thought "hmm, maybe I should investigate." So I put my feet down and sat up straight and that is when I noticed the smoke coming off the toes of my shoes. I hopped up, watching that no wine was spilled, and stomped my own feet to stop the burning. Sadly, this was not done in time to save the treads, but oh well, they were my old pair of walking shoes.

So, I have now had my feet on fire and my hair on fire...I wonder what will go up next. Could this be a sign that I am destined to be a victim of a mysterious human combustion case where all they will find of me is a pile of ash and a foot?


Agent DragonFly said...

OMG!!! You are TOO funny!! I can't wait until I ge to meet you and hang out.....i wonder waht will happen then??!!
Glad you are ok!!

Kim Thomas said...

Terrible for you to lose a pair of shoes....even old walking shoes

Paula said...

I'm envisioning this in my head, and it's a funny scene!

Sam said...

Very funny scene and yet somehow we were all a bit matter of fact about the whole thing as we continued to go on sipping our wine... :-)

Though I am a bit concerned about inviting Andrea to a beach

Queen B said...

other than fire, what is the common element in the two stories?

hmmmmmmmmm....... alcohol....... ?

miss y'all (and Sam's backyard!!)

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Hair on fire - now that would be a great blog post

On Gossamer Wings said...

The important thing (other than the fact that you are physically ok) is that the wine wasn't spilled! That's my girl!!