Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Play the People-Watching Game

July Procrastination Post

(You can do this in any public place for an hour or two or three.)
  1. Guess where people are going, what they're thinking, and what they do for a living. 
  2. Guess how many people you'll see with red hair. 
  3. Guess how long a couple has been married, then strike up a conversation and find out. 
  4. Guess if more people than not will be listening to iPods. 
  5. Count how many people have more than one shopping bag. 
  6. Count how many people try to inconspicuously pick their nose. 
  7. Count how many out-of-state license plates you see. 
  8. Count how many people look truly happy.
  9. Count how many women you see with small dogs in big purses. 
  10. Count how many kids you see begging their parents for something. 
And your personal procrastination list challenge: List 5 things you would change about your boss and 5 ways to ask for a pay raise. 


Agent DragonFly said...

I pl;ay this game A LOT in the airport!!

Kim Thomas said...

This is indeed my most favorite game, played almost daily.

Love the new elements I will use next time.

Paula said...

ugh, if you'll be seeing me, then you can automatically know that you'll at least be seeing 3 kids asking their mother for something!

kays said...

What a fun post! and I'm looking forward to playing this particular version. I play a similar one while commuting. kays