Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Project A.C.E. Is Underway

Project A.C.E. = Andrea's California Exodus

I went to Pilates today and met with my trainer, and friend, Abby for the last time. As she pulls out the workout sheet that she created for me so that I could continue my Pilates work after I've returned to Texas. I immediately started crying... it started very suddenly and unexpectedly. I realized that this is really happening and I have SOOO much that I need to do and SOOO many people and things that I really am going to miss. Not only do I have all of the spots that I have yet to see, although I think it is going to have be moved to another list of things that I want to do when I come back and visit.

This week my list of things that I need to accomplish:
  1. Finish quilts and get them mailed off (not really part of Project A.C.E., but needs to get done)
  2. Pack up my sewing equipment (after I finish #1)
  3. Go to storage unit and get wine boxes and then get additional boxes from BevMo
  4. Sort through clothes and determine what is going to Goodwill
  5. Shred and pitch paperwork
  6. Have a nervous breakdown (one of many, I'm sure)
  7. Get a couple of good walks in
So, back to my final workout with Abby.... One of the items that she had me do towards the end of the workout was called "swimming"; which is basically laying on your stomach and making that swimming motion, which is supposed to work the stomach and back muscles. Anyway, I immediately start singing R.E.M.'s Nightswimming. So, that is the ABBA soundtrack entry for the day.

And as a side note... One of the lines in the song is "...September's coming soon...." Freaky, huh?


Andrea said...

Don't stress! You can finish my quilt and send it to me AFTER you move! ;D

I know it is stressful. But the end justifies the means, right?

Jenn Ann said...

It's probably safer to send your wine collection to me...you might lose a few bottles if they leave the state...I'll keep them nice and safe for at least the next 4 months...after that, I make no promises :)

Queen B said...

can you add some tasks into your plan for me (Chris)? such as cleaning up your room and getting the towel rack re-attached from the previous tenant's disregard for our property?

we have a pilates room waiting for you :)

LOVE the ABBA soundtrack tracking

Kim Thomas said...

Can I tell you how I sad I am that the HCBC is losing a California member to Texas?

Queen B said...

If I get Jinjer back on blogging, Texas will have THREE HCBCers :) I see a new goal forming....

Queen B said...

er....... four....... I shouldn't comment after drinking ;) more.... 2 SILs who semi-consistently blog