Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eva Update

As stated in an earlier post (What Santa Brought Me), I stated that I purchased an HTC Evo, which I have since named "Eva the Diva" (and she is a bit of a diva because she doesn't always keep my Facebook in sync, which may be because of the fact that I tried to kill an upload during the Cotton Bowl on Friday). So far, I do love the Diva!! However, I'm challenged on some of the uses and I REALLY need to go through my contact information in both my phone and my Google email account. As an example I give you the following conversation:

I comment on my friend Tracey's Facebook post "In true Aggie spirit, having Double Daves pizza rolls and beer! Let's go Aggies!" at the beginning of the Cotton Bowl. My comment was "Very jealous over Double Daves...but I'm at the game. :-)" So towards the end of the game and on the trip home we have the following conversation:

ABBA: So not so much fun being at the game. Andrea (I provided my name just in case she didn't have my new number.)
Tracey: Bummer why not
ABBA: You ARE watching the game, right?
Tracey: Nope. Driving to Austin (I should have known something wasn't quite right.)
ABBA: 1st quarter was great....not so much now.
ABBA: And now another turnover
Tracey: Remind me again how we met?
ABBA: Working on WK.
Tracey: Andrew?
ABBA: Andrea
Tracey: Andrew wk?
ABBA: Andrea .... new phone
Tracey: Do you know who this is?
ABBA: Ummm, thought I did.
Tracey: Welllll
ABBA: Tracey?

No response...I don't think I was conversing with Tracey.....


Queen B said...

need a name for Chris' Evo. I don't think he's an Eva....

Kim Thomas said...

RO x 100...... On a side note I have never named my phones

Jane said...

Droid does :)