Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What Santa Brought Me

If you are looking at a calendar, you may realize that this post is a smidge late as Christmas was almost two weeks ago....but The Queen suggested today that I really need to blog about what "Santa" brought me (meaning what I bought for myself).

First, as stated previously, I bought myself a "snuggie". I am currently sitting here writing this post all snuggled up comfortable-like in my snuggie....and I'm still in love with this.

Second, I bought myself a Wii. I know that I'm just a couple of years behind the rest of the world, but whatever. I went ahead and got the whole shabang, including the Wii Fit Plus board thing-y, and the Dance-Dance Revolution dance pad (although I still don't have the batteries for the dance pad, and just yesterday picked up the dance dance game). I just have to say, though that again I LOVE my present to myself. I am getting in the habit of getting up each morning and doing at least 30 minutes of some sort of workout (it ain't much, but at least it is something). My favorite thing so far is that I CRACK myself up doing some of these games. I will have a workout that includes a step class workout, a little running in place, some shadow boxing and a little kung-fu, and will wrap it up with some hula-hooping. As I progress, I will start including the yoga and other activities. I also picked up a Gold's Gym dance workout which is all Latin Dances and includes a crazy Pamploma-like Running of the Bulls or Dodging of the Bulls. Who knows, next thing I may be picking up is the Guitar and Guitar Hero game and start challenging The Queen...

Third and final thing that I bought myself was an HTC Evo; which means, I'm now a Droid girl!! I had to purchase a new phone as I needed to get a personal cell phone to replace the Blackberry that I've been carrying around for 4 years since it is owned and paid for by my company....and I'm leaving my company, which will be a totally other post. So, The Queen has been sending me all sorts of information on what applications I need to have on my Droid, including a link to The Champ's blog regarding her applications. I've slowly been adding applications to my phone, but probably need to just hand it over to The Queen and let her get me all set up so that I can live my Google world on my Droid... Oh, and I guess I need to come up with a name for it, suggestions?


Queen B said...

I so love that your workouts go from boxing to hula-hooping. Talk about a well-rounded workout!

Jealous you're in your snuggie ;)

Queen B said...

Phone name options....

Sally (I dunno, she looks like a Sally)
Olive (for some reason EVO makes me think EVOO)

Kim Thomas said...

I so want a Wii!!!! LOVE LOVE THAT YOU HAVE A DROID!!!!