Saturday, February 26, 2011

2011 Book One - The Lost Symbol

Yes, I'm posting about the books I've made it through this week. The first book to discuss this year in Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. Normally, at this point I would normally document the brief synopsis from the back of the book I cannot on this one because I do not actually have the book. To be completely honest, I did NOT read this one.... I listened to the book after downloading it from I realized that I can mark many, many more books off my list if I listen to them while I'm working on quilts.

So back to The Lost Symbol..... Didn't really like it. I'm finding Dan Brown's character Robert Landon stilted and one dimensional. The story line is pretty formulaic and I think Dan Brown has lost the spark of his writing talent. I LOVED The Da Vinci Code and I liked Angels and Demons (actually the first Robert Landon book), but this one was a snoozer and just really didn't grab me (oh and was even more unrealistic than the other books).

However, I did enjoy actually listening to the book and being able to do other things with the story playing the background is just the way to take it.

I would not recommend this book.


Jane said...

I've downloaded :)

Queen B said...

I actually read this one in 2011 myself! I pretty much agree with your analysis, completely. and that was a loooooooong book to invest in :(