Thursday, March 24, 2011

2011 Resolution Update

So, here is my Resolution Update for the first quarter of 2011.

  1. To reach my goal weight (surprise, surprise). UPDATE – Yeah, really haven’t done much to get this one off the ground….but I’m doing another weight-loss kick-off meeting with myself this week. Hopefully I’ll have more to report in the next quarter.
  2. To finish at least the same number of books in 2011 that I read in 2010 and provide my faithful audience with a review. UPDATE – So far, so good. I have completed and documented 5 books thus far, however, I’m technically WAY behind on getting this met. Right now I’m considering updating this resolution to reading 2/3 the number of books that I read in 2010….
  3. To finish half the quilts that are currently in my UFO pile. UPDATE – Again, no real progress. I even totally spaced on International Quilting Day on March 19 and spent the day reading and watching television….
  4. To open an ETSY store and try to actually sell something. UPDATE – Since I haven’t really done much for resolution number 3, which directly impacts this resolution…..well you get the picture.
  5. To create and stick to a budget. UPDATE – I’ve actually done part of this. I have started a budget and am pretty much sticking to it.
  6. To implement a REAL filing system and stay organized. UPDATE – Ummm, yeah…. Can my REAL filing system be considered a stack of papers?!?
  7. To buy more shoes (oh no, twist my arm on this one). UPDATE – Dang It!! I don’t think I’ve actually done anything towards this resolution either… Although, I have looked at shoes on (that is the happy place I go to when I’m having a bad day…).
  8. To cook at home more and actually invite people over, which means I have to keep my house clean. UPDATE – Sheesh…I haven’t done a single one of my resolutions. I have made the decision that I want to get a maid, only because I REALLY hate cleaning house and it ain’t gonna get done if I don’t have somebody else do it. Once I start having the maid come, I will definitely start having people over as I still need to have my Open House/House Warming Party!!
  9. To complete all of the exercises in The Artists Way and Writing Down the Bones. UPDATE – See my response to everything else….yep, you guessed it, haven’t done diddly on these either, except get the books off my shelf and into my reading rotation.
  10. To watch less television...I still need to come up with a reasonable number of hours a week. UPDATE – So based on this past weekend, I certainly did not follow this, however, I have decided that a reasonable number of hours a week to watch is 11 hours…. Golly-gee-whiz, if I actually stick to this, just think about all the stuff I could get done. By the way, I’m not counting the hour that I have the TV on in the morning while I’m getting dressed, since it is on the news and I don’t actually sit and watch it.
  11. To get my PMP Certification. UPDATE – Ummm, yeah, maybe with number 10 stated, then I’ll actually do this…of course, I could bring my books to the office and read at the office when I have downtime…yeah, that is EXACTLY what I need to do!! Note to self: put book into bag for tomorrow.
  12. To come back in 3 months and provide an update on these resolutions. UPDATE – DONE!!
  13. To become more involved in my community...or a community....maybe a community of squirrels would like me to join..... UPDATE – I have done this, sorta. Since I’ve decided to do the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk here in Dallas in the fall, I’ve decided to join a team of walkers and I’m calling that my “community”. You’ll be hearing more about me doing the walk and begging for donations in the near future.
  14. To get my passport and in turn do some traveling. UPDATE – Definitely need to get this taken care of because a friend of mine (who I’ve actually never met, but have spoken to and we have mutual friends) has invited me to go to Italy (Rome) next spring and I am all on board with doing that!!
  15. To open my heart to love (and actually join and contact the guy that I've been stalking out there). UPDATE – Yeah, can’t do this until I get a decent picture of myself, which won’t happen until I’ve made good progress on resolution numero uno!!

So, based on this progress….well, I got a lot to get done over the next 9 months!!!


Jane said...

Still impressed you are tracking

Queen B said...

seems that you have some dependencies.... maybe you need a project plan? ;)