Saturday, March 19, 2011

Big Bend Family Vacation - Recap Day I

This past week was Spring Break here in Texas and even though I am not in school, I still had the joy of spending the week with my family in the Davis Mountains out in West Texas. We drove out on Saturday, arriving in Fort Davis in the late afternoon and out at Sproul Ranch with time to unload before we headed over to the Indian Lodge for dinner. (Funny thing is that it was an article about Indian Lodge that my folks read that led to us taking this whole trip.)

Sunday morning we all woke up, had breakfast at the cabin where my sister's family were all staying (it has a full kitchen, so we were able to have a very tasty hot breakfast).
We then all took a long walk out to a pond on the ranch.

While on the walk, a couple of horses decided that they were going to adopt my niece and nephew (and at one point my dad). I didn't get a picture of the horses following Kathleen (niece), but my sister has a great one where the horse is literally following her like a me when I say that I think that was one of her hi-lights of the trip.
After the walk we had a bite to eat and then took a jeep ride up through the Sproul Ranch. On the ride we had quite the view of the mountains, plants, and got quite a history lesson on the Sproul family. We also learned that my sister is truly a miracle as she has the ability to sleep anywhere, including dozing while strapped into a bumpy jeep ride.

Some of the scenery and flora along the jeep route:

Later that afternoon, after we got back from the jeep ride, Graham (BIL) and Colin (nephew) learned to do some skeet shooting while the rest of us relaxed and read or in my mom's case drew.

(This was a stance she was often in... Doesn't she make you think of Georgia O'Keefe?)

As the sun went down,

we cooked hamburgers out on the grill, stared up at the stars (which, by the way are amazing as the Fort Davis mountains is one of the darkest places in the Northern Hemisphere of the Americas...hence the prime location of the Observatory). We then all turned in as we were all pretty beat after a lazy/full day and we were getting up early for our trip to Big Bend the next morning.


Queen B said...

ohhhhhhhhhh. this looks like a relaxing yet educational vacation! awesome :) can't wait to hear more!

Jay said...

Great pics!!! Thanks for the homage to one of my favs...GOK! We had a great time with all of you too!!!

Jane said...

I so wish I could get my family to relax that long