Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's That Wednesday?

I need to come up with a standing graphic....Queen - Work on that for me.

I started this series last week with What Is... and have now changed the name officially to "What's That Wednesday?"

Today we are going to discus "corpuscles". Again, this came out of a conversation (or rather an IM discussion) with The Queen. Following is a re-enactment:

ABBA: How's your afternoon?
Queen: Good. I'm in a meeting...again.
ABBA: Do we have an ETD? {Because The Queen and ABBA carpool and ABBA is usually finished before The Queen since The Queen's team tends to want to start working and meeting at 4:30 in the afternoon....isn't that the END of the day?!?}
Queen: Soon. Things wrapping up. How's your afternoon?
ABBA: I think corpuscles are exploding in my head.
Queen: Huh?
ABBA: My head is killing me...
Queen: Ah...What's a corpuscle?

So, here is the Wikipedia information on what a corpuscle is:
Corpuscle may refer to: A small free floating biological cell, especially a blood cell, but not a fat cell.
I was a little off on what I initially thought it was. I thought a corpuscle was sorta like a capillary but in the opposite direction, you know how veins and arteries take the blood in opposite directions from the heart, I thought corpuscles were just smaller versions of these. But at least I was correct in knowing that they have something to do with blood.


Kim Thomas said...

RO! This blog is the funniest of the month.

Wednesday night I had corpuscles exploding for sure

Jane said...

Oh I can so do this task for you if queen b hasn't completed