Friday, April 8, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 8

A Picture of You and the Person You Have Been Close with for the Longest

Mom, Marti (sister), and Salty (dog). (I'm sportin' a black eye from falling off a tractor.)

Dad and Marti. Check it, I'm wearing my cowgirl outfit again...must be the same Christmas.

Marti (she's 3 I'm 6 months)

All of Us...What a Crew, huh?!?

So, obviously, all of these are pictures of my family. What can I say, I've been physically and emotionally closest to these 3 people my whole life.

(Oh, and I'm very excited that I found my CD that has all these great old pictures of ME!!)


Queen B said...

yay for finding the CD! Love the pictures :)

Andrea said...

My Mom is going to kill me for posting these!!

Jay said...

You are so right!!!! No, I really don't is what is WAS!! Glad you found your CD!

Kim Thomas said...

Darn those tractors