Saturday, April 9, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 9

Picture of the Person Who has Gotten You Through the Most

This month is turning into an Ode to My Big Sister!!

I don't know if she knows how much of an impact she has had on my life.

  • When we were little and she was in school and I was still at home and there was a party in her class, she would either try and get an extra cupcake or cookie and bring it home to me or she would eat only half of hers and bring the rest home.
  • Always growing up, I knew that she was there for me. There were times when we would drift apart...she was in high school and I was in Jr. High... She had a boyfriend and older friends and I was the bratty little sister. But even though, I would find that one little thing to pick at with her, she tolerated me and still loved me.
  • She took me to my first fraternity party when I went to visit her in college.
  • What she might not know is that she is my rock. When there have been times when I wanted to completely give up on everything, I would think about Marti and know that I didn't want to disappoint her or lose her trust or her love.
  • In looking through old pictures of there are so many of the two of us that I could have pages and pages and pages of pictures to show, but I'm selecting these three from around 1973... aren't we adorable!!

I love you, Marti!!


Queen B said...

aw, so sweet! the pics & the writing :)

Jay said...

You are bringing tears to my eyes!!!! Great morning with you all today!

Jane said...

Marti is a cool big sis!!!

Kim Thomas said...

This is a lovely tribute. I hope I am half the big sister she is