Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It Is Getting a Little Better

So, I've now made it through 3 days here and yes, things are starting to turn up a little bit... Okay, maybe not looking up so much as no longer looking down.

  1. I've conquered the Metro. I have figured how to get on the correct train to take me to the office AND the right one to get me back to the hotel. Trust me, this is a big deal.... Momma - your baby's growin' up!!

  2. I took a great walk yesterday evening. I left the hotel and walked down to the National Mall and then the length of the Mall down to Capital Hill and back up. Walking along the Mall was so very cool. There is so much activity going on along the mall; I saw people running and walking, laying around reading, teams of interns playing softball, Frisbee football, and dodge ball. The air was warm with a nice breeze. I saw baby ducks in the water feature at the Ulysses S. Grant memorial. I have to say that I do love this city.

  3. I had a very unhealthy, yet tasty, hot dog from a snack truck for lunch.

  4. And, today, I was mistaken not once but TWICE as a "native" and was asked for directions from "tourists" as I crossed the Mall on my way back to the hotel. Sadly, on said walk "home", I somehow tweaked my hips and now my lower back hurts and should probably get out of this chair and more around rather than continue to write about my day...
Let's keep our fingers crossed that tomorrow continues on this upward trajectory.


Queen B said...

LOL at #4 :)

I love the metro/subways in general. Nice that you have mastered it!

So I have a barking dog in the room next to me at the hotel....

Jay said...

Glad to hear things are looking up..DC is a wonderful city and it belongs to all of us!!! See you this weekend?

Jane said...