Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yesterday was a Good Day!!

Nothing overly exciting happened to me yesterday, but as I crawled into bed last night, I was happy. Here's a quick recap:

Morning - I got up and participated in an official 3-Day Training Walk. I did one last week as well and met Shannon Kmak. Last week when we showed up at the training walk they told us that if we hadn't come with a friend that we needed to have a walking buddy just so we could have somebody to watch our back and vice-versa. She and I turned to each other and introduced ourselves. During the walk as we got to know one another, we learned that we both worked for Dell and both knew the Queen. This week we walked and talked and made plans to work in the afternoons when I'm in town. I also came across her blog, Crazy Pink Life, after I got home. So, yeah, it was a good morning with a good walk, new friends, and some laughs.

Afternoon - I have finally admitted that I'm never going to have a clean house, which means, I'm not going to have anybody come over to a dirty house. Okay, so this isn't really something new. My entire family can attest to the fact that I suck at housecleaning and in general turn a blind eye to my own filth... yeah, ewwww. Yesterday, I had a maid service come in and they made my house sparkle. I LOVE having a clean house and not actually having to do the work myself. I now have them scheduled to come every other week when I'm in town, so hopefully this clean house happiness will last!!

Evening - I met up with one of my oldest friends, Anna Marie, for dinner. We spent a couple of hours eating some good Italian food and catching up, laughing, and sharing.

So, yesterday was a good day!!


Jay said...

Good talking to you...Good day had by all!!! Love ya

Queen B said...

yay! I'm so glad you and Shannon found each other. Since I love you both, it must be a match made in heaven ;)

I might need to follow suit on the cleaning people....

Kim Thomas said...

Ok so you are walking with a Blogger, who works for dell and knows the Queen. So why isn't she a member of the blogging club or hot it chicks?

Jane said...

I'm with Kim