Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blog Intervention

I got lucky last night with two beautiful women.

Stop...get your mind out of the gutter... I'm lucky because I got to have dinner with Jane and The Queen!!

While at said dinner, much was discussed including work (blech), home struggles (blech), children (yay and blech), and Devil Dog (awwww). We also had lots and lots of laughs, pizza, wine, and unnecessary but yummy dessert. Oh, and Jane made precictions....

It was also pointedly mentioned that I have been extremely remiss on my duties as a blogger and we were therefore also having a Blogger Intervention. I actually expected Kim to jump out from the booth next to us; sadly that didn't happen....but really would have been exciting.

Obviously, the intervention was a success because I am blogging today. I vow to work really hard to blog more often, however, there is only so much whining about work I can do, and pretty soon stories about Devil Dog are going to run thin as well. I guess I will have to go discover life so I have something to write about!!


Queen B said...


Jane said...

Best blog!!!!!

You two rock (and yes desert unneccessary but so good)

Cant wait for all the events

Diane said...

Pizza and wine yummy!