Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So, Where Have I Been

As I mentioned yesterday, I am completely aware of the fact that I have been a MIA blogger. So, here is a list of things that have been going on in my world that I thought about blogging on but didn't:

  • I tried accupuncture, because I had a coupon for it. It was an ok experience.

  • I've started doing some cooking and have actually had company over and prepared meals for them, although I'm still challenged with my timing of things.

  • My dad had surgery. I figure I can menion it since my mom did (6th Floor H.H.).

  • I went to the rodeo with Sara, who was then lucky enough to go to dinner to celebrate my sister's birthday with her husband's family.

  • I completely missed giving a big shout out to the best sister in the world on her birthday.

  • While my actual reading of books has not been as prolific as I would like (I don't actually think I've finished reading a single book yet this year), I have made it through a number of books because I'm very much into listening to them instead. In fact, I will sit in the office and be working away while listening to a book rather than music.

  • I've been planning a trip to Europe for this summer, and have my tickets purchased, so now it is a matter of figuring out what all I need to take with me.

  • The Devil Dog is doing well. He has gotten over all of his health issues after months and months of rounds of antibiotics. And now that he is all well, he is full on crazy.

  • I joined a gym and have worked out with a trainer a couple of times, including last night which if you could see me as I type this you would see me wincing in pain.

Okay, I do believe that is it in a nutshell as to what has been going on with me.


SAngRiA Smiles said...

GREAT update :)

I love that you're cooking!

Maybe I should update on what I've been up to........

Jane said...

I have experienced cooking with Abba. Love it!

Diane said...

Where are you going in Europe?