Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trip Planning 2

Well, since it is two days after my last post and if you can do the math, you should be able to figure out that we are now down to 30 days before leaving for Europe and I'm not really much further along in my plans than I was before. Okay, that isn't quite true since the last post we have:
  • Scheduled a tour for the Vatican Gardens.
  • Scheduled a day trip to see Lacock (where parts of Harry Potter was filmed), Bath, and Stonehenge as the sun is setting.
  • Have narrowed down a day trip to see Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii, just need to click the 'purchase' button.
  • I purchased a bunch of shoes from yesterday as I continue to try and find the perfect shoes to walk in.
I have also been spending some time with my Italian Phrase Book & Dictionary that I recieved as a birthday present. This I find to be very entertaining, although I'm not certain how much good it will actually do me. Here are some tidbits that I have come across while flipping through the book:

In the "Help for Women" Section:
  • Leave me alone = Mi lasci in pace.
  • I want to be alone = Voglio stare sola
  • I'm not interested = Non sono interessata
  • I'm married = Sono sposata
  • I'm a lesbian = Sono lesbica
  • I have a contagious disease = Ho una malattia contagiosa
So I guess the only ways to get rid of an Italian man is to be married, gay, or diseased...

Of course, I then flip to the "Ah, Amore" Section and come across these gems:
  • I'm not married = Non sono sposata
  • I'm adventurous = Sono avventuroso
  • I'm lonely tonight = Sono sola stasera
  • I'm rich and single = Sono ricca e single
  • I have no diseases = Non ho malattie
  • I have many diseases = Ho molte malattie
  • Let's have a wild and crazy night! = Passiamo una notte di fuoco!
  • You are my most beautiful souvenir = Sei il mio piu bel ricordo
  • How's my breath = Com'e il mio alito?
  • Darling, will you marry me? = Cara, mi vuoi sposare?
Hmmm, maybe these are the ones I should be focusing on.


Jane said...

So jealous!

SAngRiA Smiles said...

LOL. the last 2 remind me of my post today!

Interesting on "I have many diseases" being in the love section.... guess full disclosure is valued there!