Monday, April 23, 2012

He Knows It is Home

For awhile now, I've known that Devil Dog has known which house is his because when we are walking and we pass the house, he always makes a bee line for the door, even if I'm not quite ready to be done with our walks. However, I was assured this weekend that he knows to stay in the yard as well.

On Saturday, since the weather was nice, I put him out in the backyard with a bowl of water and left him there for a couple of hours while I went up to my studio and worked on a quilt. I would periodically hear him barking down there, but he does that some times just to get my attention or if a truck drives by or if my neighbor is out front. I completely ignored his barking knowing that he wasn't in pain and that he had water and I don't want him to get used to me jumping at his every bark and call (ha ha, get it...).

Once I got to a good stopping spot on the quilt that I was working on, I went back downstairs and let El Diablo back into the house. He was "patiently" sitting by the back door looking forelorn at me for leaving him all by himself for two whole hours. I wiped off his feet, which I always do with baby wipes when he comes in, and then gave him a scoop of food.

Now, here is the scary part.... As I walked through the living room, an odd site caught my eye out the window. I realized that the gate to the yard was wide open and probably had been for the entire time that sweet Leo was out in the yard. The lawn guys had been there on Friday and didn't latch the gate tightly and I think with a strong breeze, at some point, it blew open. And yet, that sweet dog, as far as I know, stayed in the yard and did not go wandering around the neighborhood. I did get a chip put into him when I got him so that if he gets lost he will get scanned and the vet or pound will call me, but I don't keep his collar and tags on him when I let him out into the yard....perhaps I should.


SAngRiA Smiles said...

that is scary! you know my dogs woulda been halfway to Mexico had I left a gate open. I had to nail down the bottom board in the fence last night to make sure Princess didn't push it outward and escape.

Luckily the boy dogs have complete separation anxiety. They got out the front door last week, but as soon as I stepped back inside they started scratching on the door to be let back in ;)

Jay said...

What a good boy!!! He is learning more and more everyday!!!

Jane said...

I love him