Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Blog Challenge Day 1

Well, we are starting the August Blog Challenge. Today I am to provide a recent picture of myself and 15 interesting facts. So, here is a recent picture:

  1. I recently learned about snow cones and have that I really like them. 
  2. I enjoy cooking, but don't really appreciate my own food. I would much rather cook for others. 
  3. I am addicted to listening to Audible books on my Kindle...they get me through my day. 
  4. For that matter, I'm addicted to my Kindle and find it very handy to take with me for reading where ever I have time. 
  5. I am taking up ceramics this fall. I have grand dreams or turning my back porch into a pottery studio...but I have to wait for that first class and learn slowly. Who knows, maybe I'll have a whole new art format to go crazy about. 
  6. I am picking out paint colors for my house. I figure I've been in the house going on 3 years now and still haven't really put "my" stamp on it. 
  7. I have signed up for not 1 but 2 Half Marathons this fall. I don't know what I was thinking and I haven't even started training...we'll see how that turns out. 
  8. I love how my dog smells, not all the time but when he first wakes up in the morning. I think he smells like frito corn chips....I know, weird, huh?
  9. I often wonder how my life would be different if the University of Texas had won a certain football game in November of 1985. 
  10. I can't decide what kind of new car I want to purchase....or do I want to just duct tape and chicken wire together my current car and keep it going for a while longer. 
  11. I despise house keeping, but really like to have a clean house....need to get maid service included in budget. 
  12. I've recently started attending a Universal Unitarian church and am greatly enjoying learning more about it. 
  13. I want to travel more and see more of this world. My next big trip is going to be to Hawaii but I also want to take some road trips across this great country. 
  14. Once in a great while I purchase lottery tickets. I've never won and half the time I forget about them and only check a couple of weeks fact, I think I have a couple that I need to take a look at. 
  15. I feel very strongly that the US corporate world needs to adopt a siesta program where every worker is required to take a nap in the afternoon. Think how much more productive we could be....
Okay, so, a very random set of 15 questions and very difficult to come up with, but they are done. Enjoy....


Jay said...

Very interesting....we took a bit different tack! This should be fun!!! At least between you and me!

SAngRiA Smiles said...

agree - very interesting! I can't wait to see the transformation of Casa de ABBA.

wish my dogs smelled like corn chips :)

Diane said...

Banana snow cones are my favorite.