Thursday, August 2, 2012

August Blog Challenge Day 2

Today's challenge is to document some short term goals for the month.

Since there isn't a set number of how many goals are needed, I'll go with 5:

  1. Blog every day. I need to do this so that I can keep those creative juices flowing and so that I can uphold my promise that I made to my readers when I took on this challenge. 
  2. Determine which paints I want to use. Purchase the paints and complete the painting of at least the bedroom. I need to do this so that I can then rearrange the whole house and get my studio set up differently. 
  3. Move my quilt studio to its new, more convenient location. If I relocate my studio downstairs, then I know I will be more likely to do at least some sewing or designing or quilting thinking on a daily basis. 
  4. Run a mile...without stopping....okay, jog a mile at a pace slightly faster than a walk. I have to get this first mile accomplished if I'm ever going to complete the half marathons that I'm signed up for. Once I get this first mile done, I figure the rest will just fall into place. 
  5. Cook at least 3 meals from scratch every week. I figure that if I actually cook meals from scratch, and then have the leftovers the next day for dinner, then I'll be saving money by not eating out and I'll be eating healthier as I'll know what I'm actually putting into my mouth. 


Jay said...

Great goals!

SAngRiA Smiles said...

definitely great goal list. I kept mine simple ;)

love this picture! 28 days until first A&M game!

Diane said...

Great goals. I want to repaint my house.

Jane said...

I want to run with you!