Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Got Flowers

First the guard at the gate called me and asked which lobby I was closest to so that the delivery person would know where to bring my flowers. When I got this call, I hung up thinking they probably had the wrong person, but whatever. Then, the guard at the front desk called and said that I had flowers, so I was convinced that it was really for me and had to walk down there to get them.

As I'm walking down, I was thinking "what could these be for? who would have sent me flowers? do I FINALLY have a secret admirer or stalker?"

When I get to the front desk and read the card, it says "Thank you for all your wonderful hospitality!! Melissa"....Being the lack of short term memory person that I am, I'm thinking "what?!?" Then it dawns on me....Melissa.... My friend who came down and stayed with me and went to Texas Renaissance Faire with me.....duh!!

Now I have lovely fall flowers in my office with a big reminder: ADD WATER NOW!! I'm lucky to have folks who remember me with such kindnesses. 


Sara said...

awwwwwwwwww - that is awesome! they're beautiful

Sara said...

I assume you have thanked/are planning to thank her ;)

Jay said...

beautiful flowers!!

Diane said...

How pretty!