Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Puppy Acupressure

As you know, I have a dog that I love very much. When you look at him, you will see that he has GREAT ears:

And, I admit, I love petting and rubbing his ears. I was doing this recently and recalled a scene from the movie The Truth About Cats and Dogs where the Janeane Garofalo character was explaining over the phone to the Ben Chaplin character how to calm down his recently acquired dog who was wearing roller skates. She said to slowly and consistently rub his ears from base to tip as these were acupressure points. I then did a search on dog acupressure and found many videos on how to do this, including this one, which speaks specifically to the ear region:

Sadly, though, it got me thinking about those dog breeds that typically will have their ears clipped because that is the "standard" of beauty (Dobermans, American Bull Terriers, Great Danes, etc.) and can only wonder about what they are losing out on if one of the calming pressure points have been removed. Makes me want to go rub my baby's ears just to make up for it.


Sara Watson said...

I've been rubbing mine's since we talked about this :)

When I saw the title, I read "puppy acupuncture" and was going to mention that Margo's dog has had acupuncture.

Diane said...

Poor puppies, people should not do that to them(clip their ears)