Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Recap

This is pretty much how I spent my weekend, so there is much to recap. I laid around on one couch while the dog laid on the other and then we would switch. I know, not very exciting. I thought that when I decided to get rid of my cable television that it would curtail my television watching...boy was I wrong about that. While I no longer random switch channels and watch drivel that is on, I still spend a lot of time watching television. I have hours and hours of television at my finger tips that I can access via Netflix streaming and HuluPlus.

This weekend I started watching The Monarchy series. I only have the first two seasons, but it was enough to get me through, and since I dozed off a couple of times, I had to rerun some of the shows as I would miss a king or two. I did learn some from watching these shows and it provided some insight into the Jacobite Risings, which I keep coming across in maybe, if I am going to laze around watching television at least it is intelligent shows where I'm learning things...right?


Jay said...

I totally agree!!! Watching "educational" albeit entertaining tv does not count as wasting time!!!! This comes from one who is excited to see "Under the Dome" from Stephen King!!

Diane said...

I have Netflix and hardly use it