Friday, August 16, 2013

If Challenge (8/16)

Question: If you could enact one law in your country that does not currently exist, what would it be?

Answer: My first thought was to come up with a law that if you drive slow in the fast lane that an alien ship would descend from the skies and blast you out of my driving path, but I think that would be something really hard to enact, and how would we pay for the alien ship and what if I'm the person driving in the fast lane, while going fast but not fast enough for somebody else, would I then get blasted?

I then decided that I would enact a law that could possibly actually have some impact on our country. I would put term limits on Senators, Representatives, and Governors. Part of the reason that the country doesn't change is because we keep electing the same people into office because we are familiar with their name when we go into the voting booth and maybe they haven't done anything uber-controversial so their opponents don't really have much to bring up when time comes to re-elect them. If we don't allow the President to reside in office for longer than 2 terms, I think the same rule should hold for ALL elected offices.

Of course, if I'm going to tackle politics, then I'm going to include a whole bunch of riders in my law that addresses the lobbyists and the donations by corporations and wealthy individuals. I'd like to make this country of the people and by the people and I mean ALL the people not just the ones with deep pockets.

Enough soapbox?