Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cowgirl Smarts

I'm having terrible writers block these days and just don't have a whole lot to say, however, I do feel obligated to impart some sort of knowledge on all my readers. With this being said, I will periodically, in these low thought moments, go to my tomes that I've surrounded myself with and pull pearls out for all of you.

Recently, I visited the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame (which I highly recommend you visiting if you are ever in Fort Worth, Texas) and picked up a great little book entitled Cowgirl Smarts: How to Rope a Kick-Ass Life by Ellen Reid Smith. This is where I will be pulling today's wisdom from.

Until Cowgirl Smarts was published, about the closest thing to a written
Cowgirl Creed was at the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. High up in
the rotunda (which is very cool to walk around and see how the pictures morph
and change shape), the museum's designers decorated the walls with what they
call "Cowgirl Spirit Words." They include: Genuine, Authentic, Confident,
Determined, Original, Independent, Dependable, Dauntless, Adventurous,
Dedicated, Celebrated, Earnest, Skillful, Passionate, Clever, Focused, Spirited,
Passionate, Clever, Focused, Spirited, Honored, Bold, Resourceful, True,
Respected, Steadfast, Fearless, Hardworking, Trustworthy.

These spirit words are characteristics to which all cowgirls aspire. But
upon closer examination, you'll see that these aren't just cowgirl
characteristics, they are characteristics all women would like to have -- for
themselves, their daughters and their sons. But while these words describe some
of the most famous cowgirls, they don't convey cowgirl lessons that women have
been passing from one generation to the next. They don't explain the unwritten
Cowgirl Creed that cowgirls have been living by for over 100 years. These
cowgirl lessons that make up the Cowgirl Creed needed to be documented, so here
they are:

The Cowgirl Creed
  1. Dare to be a cowgirl
  2. Buck the rules
  3. Stay balanced in the saddle
  4. Ride the trail of adventure
  5. Dream as big as Texas
  6. Be tough, but be feminine
  7. Attack life like it's a 1,000 lb. steer
  8. Saddle your own horse
  9. Rein in your fears
  10. Dress for success -- the cowgirl way
  11. Ride high in the saddle
  12. Ride high, but stay grounded
  13. Give others a leg up
  14. Always get back on the horse
  15. Ride beside your man
  16. Recharge your cowgirl spirit
  17. Die with your boots on
The Cowgirl Creed may sound a bit horsey with all the riding and roping
metaphors, but it truly is adaptable by all women in any environment. The
Cowgirl Creed is a code for living a more fulfilled life. It's appropriate for
teens, mothers and women in their twilight years, because the concepts can be
applied at any age or any stage of life. So grab your hat and pull on your
boots, because the Cowgirl Creed is designed to inspire you to cowgirl up and
rope a kick-ass life.

In the coming year, when I'm completely blocked on what to talk about, I'll pull one of these creeds and expound on that for you all. I know, you all are very excited to learn all about the Cowgirl Creed, aren't you!?!


Agent DragonFly said...

I like The Cowgirl's Creed!! And no matter what you always have good blogs so don't feel you have nothing to say!!

Queen B said...

LOVE IT! Hopefully you'll be chanting them from Texas :)

Kim Thomas said...

I would love to be a total Cowgirl. I miss my cowgirl boots too!

Momma Juana said...

Love the Cowgirl Creed. My three daughters, my sister and I all have copies of Cowgirl Smarts. We are now the YeeHaw Sisterhood. PLUS - saw your 3 Day info. I am signed up for my third 3 Day! Have walked with my sister and 2 daughters previously.
This years walk is to celebrate my 60th birthday (w/60 miles)and 5th year as a breast cancer survivor.
Go cowgirls!