Friday, January 23, 2009

Random Thoughts

I'd like to first say that I appreciate the comments that my last post generated. I knew that there would be some discussion. I did hope that more people would think "Cher in a black body stocking" as I did and Agent Dragonfly grasped, but I know that many of you out there are very serious about your politics (not that you aren't Agent) so I will look past the lack of pop-culture reference. Personally, I don't like to be serious and will try to avoid being such in the future.

Now, on to my Random Thoughts....
  • Why do you think flashing your bright lights at me is going to make me get out of your way? I'm already going 80 and there are three other lanes that you can drive in. Speeding up behind me in a Volvo and flashing lights will NOT make me go faster or pull over; it will only annoy me and if anything make me take my foot off the gas.
  • Is WD-40 a new concept for people? Do they even make it still? I went to Target this week to pick up a few things and WD-40 was one such item. I asked numerous employees and they all looked at me like I was speaking another language (which, in all honesty I probably was). After explaining it was a magic product that you put on hinges and drawers to stop them from squeaking and to glide smoother, the only direction I received was "we don't have an aisle WD40". I'll see if they have any at Long's Drugstore....they have everything.
  • Is there some cosmic system as to the order that light bulbs burn out? If I replace four light bulbs at the same time, why do they not all burn out at the same time? Why is there always one that wants to cling to life and who will only burn out as soon as I've replaced all the others, put away the bulbs, and the ladder?


Jenn Ann said...

#1 also annoys me
#2 Home Depot! or sadly, probably Walmart
#3 You know how I feel about this...did you happen to notice the one light burnt out in the ceiling fan downstairs? It's waiting for a compainion or 3 before it'll be replaced :)

Queen B said...

#1 was experienced by me last night on my drive to H-town. ugh

#2...I'm kinda thinking hardware or automotive. I can't believe people don't know more about WD40!

#3....hmmmmmmm...this is a riddle of life

Agent DragonFly said...

First off....LOVE WD40.....Our bathroom door used to squeak which was SUPER annoying when Joe was rushing around getting ready in the morning.....Once I bought WD40 I LOOKED for stuff to latest WD40 victim was bedroom BARELY squeaked but I was all over the the door only has 2 positions....completely closed or completely open...of course I have fixed this with which ever random shoe is available @ the moment.....CLASSY

Ruthie Girl said...

An urban legend says if you flash your lights at someone, they will come back and kill you.

I don't flash.

KFuj said...

#1 in Ca it is a law, my mom said (it may be unwritten) that when someone flashes you pull out of the way. I flash at slow people 65 in the fast lane and they usually move, then I wave thanks as I zoom by.
#2 the builders of our new house told us to use dry lubricant instead of WD40, maybe they don't carry it much anymore, since people are using it.
#3 I'm with you on this one, why don't they go out at the same time. They are used the same amount, they should all die around the same time. I can understand a day or two, but we had a light blub that last over 2 years.

Kim Thomas said...

Lighbulbs-No doubt.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

I always thought it was Deputy 40 growing up. I was in awe the first time I had to buy it.

random high school one light out on a car got you a kiss. I wonder what one light flashing would get you