Sunday, February 1, 2009

How to Survive a Deadly Boring Workday

For those who don't recall, I got a Procrastinator Calendar and am sharing some of the tips with all of you. 

Here is February:
  1. Go from office to office borrowing rubber bands until you have a killer rubber-band ball. 
  2. Plan your lunch partners for the next month. 
  3. Go online and learn how to swear in several different languages. 
  4. Tell your office manager you've developed an allergy and need to go to the pharmacy for medication. 
  5. Research ways to get to work in a more eco-friendly manner: bike, train, carpool, hang glider, and hot-air balloon. 
  6. Rack your brain for an online store you can operate at home in your pajamas. 
  7. Write the first line of ten different book ideas. 
  8. Think of five irreverent national holidays you could introduce into law. 
  9. Draft a proposal for employee chair massage and e-mail it to your office manager. 
  10. Put a suction cup against the wall and see if you can hear your coworker's conversation. 
And your procrastination homework is... If you were a performer with one name (like Madonna, Sting, Bono), what would it be? (List 10 possibilities)....


Queen B said...

LMAO at homework. I think that should be the next competition ;) don't even need a suction cup to hear the conversations happening next door! Your office wall is a giant suction cup that I know you often wish you could shut off!

what? no suggestion to start your own country as a procrastination vehicle?

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

I sould add:

11. Find someone in the office to have a competition on how many different pairs of shoes you can wear throughout the month

12. Institute a bring your child to work using kids from big brother and big sister. Pair each child up with your favorite co-workers

13. Do a documentary of the bathroom soap.

14. Redecorate your office/cubicle

15. figure out a way to invite Oprah to breakfast

Agent DragonFly said...

You ALWAYS crack me up!!! I LOVE reading your blogs

Queen B said...

LOVE Jane's #12

Paula said...

These are just tooooo funny!