Monday, February 23, 2009

Thoughts on the Oscars

I rarely watch the awards shows, but for some reason last night I ended up watching the Oscars.

I liked the production, well, parts of it. I thought it went way too long, as always, and it kills me that they put the awards that most of us care about at the very end.

I liked the smaller-feeling venue.

I REALLY liked how they announced all of the nominees by having past winners come out and give a little "thank you for being you" sort of speech. It seemed to me to be a very heartfelt presentation all around, without all the bells and whistles that seem to go with the Oscars.

I was happy with almost all of the winners. I thought that The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons won way too many of the technical awards rather some of the more spectacular movies, like The Dark Knight.

I didn't think Heath Ledger should have won for Best Supporting Actor, and I think they gave that to him as a sympathy vote. But that is just me and I do think he was a really good actor but I don't know if this was the movie that he should have won for.

But, honestly, what do I know. I haven't seen any of the films that were up for awards, so I guess I can't really be a judge, huh?

Now I just have to look forward to the Fashion Police tearing apart the looks.... That is really what matters to me.


Queen B said...

I was SOOOOO irritated... I had it Tivoing because the husband was not a fan of watching it, and I was honestly ok with starting it late in order to ffwd through commercials, singing, and tech awards.

Anyways, I realized with about 20 minutes left in the recording that there was no way they would be able to hand out best actress, actor, and film awards in 20 minutes. Sure 'nuf, it cut off right when they were about to start talking about Angelina Jolie for best actress. I was SO mad because I loved how they were doing the previous winners, and I missed half the actress one, and all the actors. ARGH

Kim Thomas said...

I like the Fashion police but I hardly ever watch the shows. I am not really a moviegoer

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

And what was up the Angelina Jolie's hair?