Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Valhalla Renaissance Faire - My Weekend Part III

Sunday morning I wake up to a BEAUTIFUL day. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the temperature is cool but not biting as it was on Saturday. It is a wonderful day for Faire and for a Christening/Baby Blessing. 

I got up and started my morning ritual of getting ready... shower, hair, makeup dressing. This day I wore a front lacing bodice, so I was able to dress myself even though I did have to have Seamus tighten me up later. On Saturday, when it was clouding and cold I made certain to slather on sun-screen to protect my fair skin from the Faire sun. Sunday when the sun was out in all her glory, I completely forgot to protect myself. Well, that isn't completely true. I did put on a little sun-screen on my chest on one shoulder, completely forgetting to get the other shoulder, arms, ears, nose, etc...

Since we were leaving to drive back to San Jose straight from Faire, I pulled out some comfy driving clothes to change into and put them into a separate bag and started packing up the car. I went to Angie and Seamus's room to see what I could do to help them out (remember, it takes a village...). I got Aidan dressed and kept him entertained while Angie finished getting dressed and Seamus finished up loading the car. 

We headed off to the Faire as we needed to be there early so that we (and when I say "we" I mean Angie and Seamus and the baby) could get to the Fellowship Garden and get the preparations for the Baby Blessing/Christening ceremony finalized. At 11:00 we all gathered in the garden with many of their wonderful Faire friends. They honored me by making me Aidan's Godmother (and not just because I stepped in as pack-horse/third pair of hands but because they want me to be a permanent part of his life AND he always smiles when he sees me). The Faire community was so wonderful in being there and participating in this blessed family event and Aidan was joyously welcomed into the community. 

After the ceremony, we grabbed a bite to eat and Angie and I stayed in the garden so that Aidan could get in a nice nap and Seamus could go off and "play" with his Black Flag compadres. We visited with Angie's Faire friends. (As an aside, Angie and Seamus are preparing to move to Texas on June 16th, so this was going to be one of the last times they would see many of these friends for a very long time.)

At about 2:30ish, we made our final walk through the Faire. Angie picked up some fun stripey socks, which are a staple of her home and faire wardrobe. Seamus picked up a new belt. I acquired some home-made soaps and a little black-sheep finger puppet for Aidan. They said their final good-byes and headed to the car. We did a parking lot change of attire and headed out. 

All in all it was a very fun and interesting weekend. Even though the weather was bad on Saturday and I had issues with my freaky room from HELL, it was a wonderful opportunity to spend time with dear friends and to play with my most recent Godchild. I have a slightly sun-burned shoulder (only one) but some really great memories. 

Thanks Angie, Seamus, and Aidan for introducing me to the world of Faire and for letting me be a special part of Aidan's life. 


Jay said...

Thank you for the final installments! You do tell the best stories....love ya!!!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Still dying for a pic :)

Queen B said...

wait...you have multiple bodices?! wow!

Congrats, Godmother! that is fantastic!

LOL at your one burned shoulder. I guess it's better than two ;)

Paula said...

You and Al, "Crispy Bacon"
Congrats on becoming a Godmother. I'm with Jane---would LOVE to see a pic!

Andrea said...

How can you not post a picture!!!???