Thursday, April 14, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 14

Picture that Makes You Laugh

A Young Kathleen wearing my old Texas A&M sweatshirt.... Oh, if she would only realize her destiny and go there!!

I LOVE this picture of me and my grandpa. There is no telling what we are laughing at, but that man had a great laugh and even though he was rough and gruff with us grandkids, I know there was so much love there!!

My Dad used to be able to do headstands in the middle of the floor and I always thought that was like magic!! (By the way, the socks that he is wearing in this picture with his pants tucked in are wool socks he had when stationed in Alaska in the Air Force. At some point when I was in college, I some how got my hands on them and I wore those socks into nothing. When I finally threw them away the heels and toes were completely gone.)

This is my mom, sister, and me one Halloween....Do you see a theme of just how wack-a-do my mom is?!? But, come on, how could this picture NOT make you laugh?!?


Laura Young said...

Love this series

Queen B said...

hahahaha! those are great pics! love them all :)

Jay said...

I am laughing!!! But I think my reputation is ruined!!!