Friday, May 18, 2012

Dutch Oven


I share an office with two guys. Great guys, mind you, but they are guys. And since they are guys, there is a lot of talk about sports and cooking meat, but that is a different story.

The other day they were talking about the Texas Rangers' pitcher Derek Holland and how a radio station in town refers to him as "Dutch Oven".

I, having heard this, asked why? Is he such a smokin' hot player that he is names after a cast iron cooking vessel?

They laughed and asked what was I talking about. So I explained to them what a dutch oven was based on my vast knowledge and Wikipedia:
A Dutch oven is a thick-walled (usually cast iron) cooking post with a tight-fitting lid. Dutch ovens have been used as cooking vessels for hundreds of years.
They both responded with a hearty "NO!" And directed me to for what they are referring to as a Dutch oven:
A Dutch over is when you are lying in bed with someone, you pull the covers over their heads and expel gas from the anus, thereby trapping them with your vile ass emmissions. 
Wow! I learn new things all the time when working with these fellas!