Sunday, May 13, 2012

Travelin' Shoes

Recently I mentioned the need for a shoe intervention due to my continued purchasing of shoes in preparation for the big trip. At that time, I said that I couldn't post a picture because it would cause certain people to have a conniption. Well, I've changed my mind... Here is a picture of the shoes that were purchased for the trial: 
So, yes, if you count correctly that is twenty-two pairs of shoes on those stairs. Yesterday, I sent fourteen of these shoes back to Zappos. I returned all the shoes, except for the fourth one from the left on the bottom row. I am still planning on returning the red pair on the top row and torn whether I will return the one not yet sent on the first row. 

I've taken the shoes that I intend to wear most (cute Merrell flats and cute Privo flats) out for an extended spin on walks with the dog and they performed perfectly!! 

So, now I have my tours planned and my shoes picked out. I have the wardrobe determined (for the most part) and got the haircut for simplicity. I really think I'm set. 


Jay said...

Yikes...I am having a conniption!!!! (Just kidding!) Looking forward to seeing you and Leo next Sunday!!

Diane said...

I like the ones that look like a dalmation, are they Sperrys?

Jane said...

I love this collection!

SAngRiA Smiles said...

22 pairs! how perfect. love this pic :)