Friday, May 18, 2012

You GO Girl!!


As I plan for my trip, I have to think about all sorts of things (and thank goodness many of the travel sites will remind you of things that never would have crossed my mind, normally). One of these things is how to handle bodily functions. I sorta forgot that I will be traveling to a world that while clean and sanitary may not be fully modern in their facilities at all locations. I'm thinking primarily when I visit Stonehenge or Pompeii and the toliets may be a bit more rustic than what I am used to. With this in mind, I came across the Urinelle, the urinating funnel for women.

Here are the use instructions found on the back of the packaging:

I'll report back on how well these actually work. On a side note, since I have to try out lots of different options, I've also invested in the Go Girl, which is reusable:

If these work, I may just take up doing more things in the great outdoors....


SAngRiA Smiles said...

so in love with the instruction pictures!

You will be fine at Stonehenge :)

Kim Thomas said...

I am dying over here! Can't wait for a report

Jane said...

This is so funny. Not sure I would purchase, but funny