Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lo-Tiv-Ro Tour Day 10

Today I had a very exciting trip planned, so I had to be up and out early and head back down to the Piazza del Popola, where I couldn't resist getting a couple of more pictures with the morning light:
So, we loaded up the buses and headed off towards the coast. Here is Naples off in the background and the Mediterranean Sea:
Our first stop, well except for the potty break at a gas station along the way, was Mount Vesuvius where we had the opportunity to climb to the top of the crater. Luckily, there was no smoke coming from the crater on this day, so we were safe that there was not going to be an eruption.
I figured that if these people could make it, then I could make it. Mind you, there were a couple of stops along the way where postcards and snacks were sold and where I'm sure a lot of people turned back. From the people on my bus, there were only a handful besides me that actually made it all the way to the top.
A shot across the crater:
I found somebody who would take a picture of me there....see, I really was at the top.
A shot out towards the sea:
Some more of the path...Getting a little more treacherous, but still doable.
The path above the cloud line. This is looking back from where I had just come from and where I would have to return down:
Another shot of the valley below.
Me trying to do a self portrait. I have NOT mastered the art of taking my own picture, yet.
On the way down. I was the last person to return to the bus, so yeah, I was "that" person. However, I was only 5 minutes late and like I said, only one of a small handful that went all the way to the top and around the rim.
We stopped at a large catering place for lunch, pizza, and then headed off to see Pompeii. Here is a shot of our tour guide starting the explanation:
Shot of the town:
Interior at the coliseum area of Pompeii:
Shop along the main thoroughfare. This would have been the equivalent of a fast food restaurant, they say, as the holes in the counter is where the shop keeper would have hot soups or food kept.  
This is the street. The raised stones would be the crosswalk for the people. The ruts are from wagons.
Have I mentioned at some point that I like doors and windows?
A ceiling in the baths area:
One of the body casts:
Exterior shot looking out towards Mt. Vesuvius:
This is what I did NOT enjoy about this trip. Notice the narrow street and all the people. There were sooo many people in Pompeii, which took a lot of the enjoyment away for me.
I wish more of it could have been of this nature:
One of the tiled floors that survived:
Again, cool portal....
At the forum of Pompeii, with Mt. Vesuvius in the background (yeah, can you see my ghost at the top since I was there just a couple of hours prior to this....)
Storeroom where they have many of the items that have been found during the on going excavation of the city as they are still discovering more all the time.
In the forum area, there were a couple of bronze statues that survived and had not been stolen off to the Naples National Archaeological Museum.

After we finished the tour, we headed back to Rome. It was a long day but a great one. As I look back through the pictures, it was really kind of amazing. I may have been annoyed while I was there but now I'm so very glad that I did it. I would definitely go back and explore both places again, but on my own time and not have to stick to a tour groups' time table. 


SAngRiA Smiles said...

VERY cool!

Jay said...

Just fab!!!!! I feel I was with you in spirit!! Top O' the Mount!! Good for you!!!! It is OKay to be "that" person...you had a good reason!!!

Jane said...

Fountain looks like he is vomiting

Kim Thomas said...

You are so awesome that you went to the top!