Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lo-Tiv-Ro Tour Day 13

Today was the last day of the trip and was spent relaxing, packing, doing some last minute shopping and site seeing. Surprisingly, I did not take many pictures on this day (perhaps my camera and I were both just too worn out after 12 days and over 4,200 pictures).

We started off trekking across Rome to one of the shops where we stopped on our very first day to pick up some souvenirs. We then wandered over to the Piazza Novona where we sat for an hour or so just people watching and enjoying la dolce vita (the good life) as represented in the name of this shop:

We then wandered through a couple of more shops. I picked up a beautiful bag, which is the perfect size to hold wallet, phone, chapstick, book, keys and sling across your body and head out the door.
You can't tell from the above picture, and actually this one doesn't quite do it justice, but the purse is a wonderful grape color.

We stopped in at the gelato shop where we were our first day near Trevi fountain and had a last yummy dish of gelato. We then headed back to the hotel to get packed.

After packing what I could, I then made a last ditch trip to a couple of shops to pick one or two things up and came across this beautiful purse which has handles that are set to be able to carry it as a backpack, if so desired.

My companions were heading out for dinner and when I completed my final shopping I swung by the restaurant and met them for a last glass of wine, salad, and tiramisu. We then headed back to the hotel and to bed as we had to get up at 4 AM to get our cab in the morning for the airport and for home. 


Jay said...

Great trip!! Love the purses...esp the grape one!!! See you Monday!

SAngRiA Smiles said...

I must admit that the purses are pretty fantastic..... and they smell so good :)

forgot to ask how much Italian was spoken on the trip???

Jane said...

My kind of day. Tiramisu and shopping