Monday, June 18, 2012

Lo-Tiv-Ro Tour Day 4

On this day we left London and flew to Rome. We then had a car take us up to the town of Tivoli, which is outside of Rome. We got there and checked into our bed and breakfast:

And checked out our room and bathroom. This is the view from the bottom:
 And, the view from the shower:
Yes, they turned a stairwell into a bathroom. The window at the bottom just shoots out into the street, luckily the streets were so narrow that nobody would be able to see into the bathroom. Plus the bathroom was already on the second floor. Mind you, the building we were in was originally built in like the 1300s, so can you only imagine what it used to look like before it was broken up into apartments and rooms....

After we settled into our room, we wandered to downtown and stopped at a cafe for lunch:
We then went to Villa D'Este and wandered around there for the rest of the afternoon taking tons and tons of pictures:

 One of the many fountains:
 Long row of fountains for as far as the eye could see:
 Each of the fountains above is a face of an animals. Here is one example:
 At one end of the long fountain:
 This fountain plays music when water is forced through the pipes:
 One more fountain, with the sun and typical Italian Cypress trees:
 A look back at the Villa D'Este across the fountains:
 A shot over the wall looking at the old Roman aqueduct
 Another grotto of fountains:
Other than the other people who were also visiting the estate (including a couple of buses of high school kids) who didn't quite appreciate the quiet and solitude and beauty of the ancient fountains and gardens, this was an amazing place to visit. I will highly recommend visiting this and spending more than the afternoon in Tivoli, like we did. They say this is a day trip from Rome, which it could be, if you want to rush through and not soak up the atmosphere and just relax.


Jay said...

How beautiful!!! Is this the start of your door series??

SAngRiA Smiles said...

I can't wait to SEE YOU!

Jane said...

I see no pics of Abba in the fountain

And Ro at bathroom