Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lo-Tiv-Ro Tour Day 6

Today, we finally make it to Rome. Before we leave, however, Audrey meets this gentleman whose workshop was across the street from our B&B in Tivoli. He was a sign maker and was a mute, but very happy to let us come in and take photos of him and his work.
Our hotel in Rome was very near the Spanish Steps. Here is a shot from the top of the steps. The crowds haven't quite started to build yet.
Our first action, once we checked into the hotel, was to catch the Metro and head over to Vatican City and then work our way across Rome hitting some of the big sites. Here is St. Peter's Square:

Changing of the Swiss Guard at the Vatican. I missed seeing the changing of the guard (or even the guard) at Buckingham Palace as I was a sleep on the bus, but I did catch them here.

One of the many drinking fountains throughout Rome. The water was cool and clean and tasted great, especially on a hot day.
 A shot of the Tiber River.
 Castel Sant'Angelo in the distance.
Gelato sign on the street as we wandered across the city.
Piazza Navona:
Another drinking fountain:   
 The Pantheon:
Raphael's Tomb:
 Crowd inside The Pantheon
Where I will be shopping when I decide to really start pursuing my Pope dreams:
Trevi Fountain:
By the time that we made it over to Trevi Fountain, the crowd was crazy and as you can see, the Piazza where the fountain is located really isn't that large of a space. We opted to camp out in a little cafe off one of the side streets and grab some gelato and wine.

We then came across MY church (S. Andrea Delle Fratte) on the way back to the hotel. It turns out that the church was just around the corner from the hotel and became one of our landmarks.
We were all pretty tired by the end of the day and had to get up and around early the next morning to make it back over to the Vatican for our tour of the Vatican Gardens at 8:30 AM. 


Jane said...

Every time I see the trevi fountain I think of lizzie macguire

plumbing supplies said...

Whatever their course was, it is important to have them as they are before. Traditional things must be preserved

SAngRiA Smiles said...

this brought back a lot of memories :) LOVE "your" church!