Friday, June 22, 2012

Lo-Tiv-Ro Tour Day 8

This morning is Sunday and the city is quiet as most Romans are headed to church and most tourists are still in bed. Audrey and I get around early and head out to the Capitoline Museums and the Forum to get our site seeing done before the heat of the day saps us of all energy. Our first stop was Trevi Fountain as at this hour there were no crowds and we could actually get some shots without others in them...for me it was heaven as I'm not a big fan of the crowds that we are facing all the time:
This is an example of another one of the themes that I've noticed in my pictures, which is all the interesting cornices and carvings on all the buildings there:
Here is a shot of the Rome Capitol building, near the Musei Capitolini, our destination.

This is the ruins of an ancient (pre-Christian) apartment building right in the middle of downtown Rome, how cool is that?
For those of you desperate for proof that I really was there, here is a picture of me on the steps:
Shot of the Forum from atop Capital Hill.
Another shot as we are approaching the Forum.
Capitoline Museum. These museums were designed by Michelangelo.
The She Wolf of Romulus and Remus.
And again in topiary form:
Inside the Forum ruins:

Ruins of the House of the Vestal Virgins:
After Audrey and I finished up in the Forum, we went back up to the museum to wander around in the coolness. However, we first went to the cafe for a drink and a rest. From the terrace of the museum, you could see out across the city and see some of the private terraces:
I swear this is Sylvester Stallone....or maybe Constantine.
Here is a statue found in the museum. I personally am a little confused by this statue as I wonder if this is just not complete...
Lots and lots of pictures of the travertine floors, which made me see many a quilt possibility.
The foam finger of the know they had the Olympics and had to root for their teams!!
Another drinking fountain in Rome.
At the end of the day, Audrey and I went back and found Lisa. We then went out in search of a place for dinner. We found a nice place and I ordered their Caprese Pizza...I figured it would be a combination of a Caprese salad (yum) and a pizza, which is was and it was yummy:
We did not go to My Restaurant, however, because the prices were out of our range...What can I say, I'm not a cheap date!!


Jay said...

I am just loving all your pics and comments with them!! Can't wait to see you and all of them...did you make me a DVD??? If you don't have any blanks, let me know...I do...

Jane said...

I'm with Jay, how many total pics did u take???

Andrea said...

Jane - I took about 5,000 pictures, so you all are just getting a very small sample.

SAngRiA Smiles said...

very cool quilt pattern!