Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ceramics Outcome #1

Well, I finally have something to show you all from my ceramics class. Yes, they look like a small child in kindergarten made them, but they were my first efforts and I'd like to think I'm getting better. Last night I glazed my lantern that I made last week as well as finished off the bowls that I made on the wheel. Next week we will finish up whatever we have been working on and then glaze next week and the following. We will then be done with the hand building techniques. Have I mentioned how much I am loving playing with clay?!?

Red and Blue Small Platter
This platter was the very first thing I made and the first thing
I glazed and it looks like it. I think a 5 year old probably
does better work than I did...
Dark Blue with White Specs and Flower Impression Pinch Pot
I swear it looks a little bit better in person than in the photo. 
Melon Green with Darker Green Specs Pinch Pot
This one definitely looks better in person. 


Sara said...

it looks like you are having fun and learning new skills!

Jay said...

I love them!! You will get better and better!!! So glad you are liking it....when do you want the kiln?

Diane said...

What matters is you're enjoying it!

Jane said...

I love all three!