Thursday, October 4, 2012

Things a Woman Should Do - Part 3

I've been a bit remiss on keeping up with this string of posts....

Here are the next on the list:
  1. Teach someone, besides a child, to read. (I have actually thought about following up with an Adult Literacy Program and see how I may help.)
  2. Invent a punch that will raise eyebrows and lower inhibitions. (I may not have invented it, but there are a couple of punch and sangria recipes that I have embellished on that have led to some serious moments of lowered inhibitions.)
  3. Don't indulge in one judgmental thought for an entire day. Okay, an hour. (I'm assuming that this should probably occur during waking hours as I rarely have jugemental dreams. I actually am trying really hard to follow this one. I'm really working on creating a positive spirit and part of that would include not judging others. I have to say, though, it is tough.)
  4. Learn a few choice phrases in French or Russian to use when flirting or angry. (Done and done. I may not be saying them correctly, but the French flirting phrases I learned in high school and from Patti Labelle (Lady Marmalade). I know a single Russian phrase that I learned from a co-worker a couple of years back. I have to trust him on what it means but I'm either cussing somebody, sneezing, or asking for some cheese.)
  5. Stay in a convent for a week. (Is this even possible? I may actually look into this. Not that I have any interest in becoming a nun, but to spend a week in quiet contemplation and intentional work sounds intriguing to me.)
  6. Ride a motorcycle alone across the Nevada desert. (Sorry. I really do not have any desire to do this. I'm not a motorcycle gal, although I know some of you out there are and I tip my hat to you. I wouldn't mind driving a convertible across the desert and through the mountains and around the country peace with my self with no real destination and no real time frame in which to make the trip...)
  7. Make wine from dandelions growing in your backyard and send it to the CEO of Greener Chemical Lawns, Inc. (First, I don't have dandelions growing in my backyard. Second, I believe it is illegal to ship liquids without a permit within the United States. Third, I really am not interested in making wine, I think that would require a lot of pots...)
  8. Start a wild rumor that something wonderful will happen later this year. (Okay, now these are just getting a little ridiculous. Nobody ever believes rumors about good things happening, only bad things...)
  9. Squeeze a cute fireman because it's "Public Hero Appreciation Day". (So, I googled Public Hero Appreciation Day, and did not find it, however, it looks like September 11 is often referred to as Hero Appreciation Day, although I don't think it is "official" yet...or it hasn't made my Odd Holidays Calendar. I guess this is actually saying to just go up to a cute fireman any day and claim it to be appreciation day. However, what about the not so cute firemen? Do they not deserve the squeezing and appreciation as well? Or is it just that all firemen are cute because they are heros no matter what they actually look like?)
  10. Learn to belly dance and integrate it into your lovemaking. (I am so going to do this...well, the learn to belly dance part. Maybe if I learn to belly dance, then I'll have the confidence to pursue finding somebody and then start working on the second part of that.)
Stay tuned for the next round coming soon...


Sara said...

Gauri and Robin did belly dancing classes last year ;)

Agree with your assessment on squeezing firemen - I think if the opportunity presents itself, you just go for it and claim it to be the holiday.

I'm going to really try #3. I like this one.

Jane said...

I've.done #5