Friday, November 2, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 2

Today I am grateful for Medical Technology.

I went in last Friday and had my annual mammogram, and yeah, I'm sure a lot of you all don't want to know this. However, the doctor's office called on Monday saying that they needed to have me come back for another view of Poncho (and yes, I've named "them"....Poncho and Lefty). I just assumed that the image was just screwed up somehow and didn't really think anything of it.

I went in on Wednesday for the retakes. Turns out that the radiologist saw an anomaly and wanted to take additional shots and possible do a sonogram. Well, this, understandably, started freaking me out just a little bit. And when they took me back to the room for the shots they have the image up on the screen with a spot circled with big arrows pointing to it. Not a good sign, in my opinion.

Well, the technician comes in, and she is a very sweet woman and she made every effort to be considerate and gentle with me, but there is only so much gentleness that you can have when you are smushing a boob into a pancake....multiple times. She took the first set of pictures and uploaded them and contacted the radiologist, who requested some additional views...I am of course getting more and more freaked out and automatically my mind goes to the worst possible scenario and I'm thinking "Who is going to come help take care of me if I have to have chemo? Will I be able to still work because I don't think I would be able to make if financially on my partial salary? Will I get the reconstructive surgery? Who will take care of Leo while I'm recovering?" Yeah, I pretty much have a little freak-out in my head...although with the technician I'm cool and calm and still making jokes.

After the radiologist sees the second round of images, she determines that there isn't a need for a sonogram and they set up a video chat with me so that she can tell me what her findings are. It turns out that there was a spot that she saw on the images from last year that looked to be larger this year, but after all of the additional shots it does not look to be anything to be concerned about and she gave me a "clean" bill of boob health.

I still have the questions going through my mind about "what if" but those will just have to wait until another time to be too much of a concern. I do hope that all of you out there are taking the necessary steps to stay healthy and that you get your annual mammograms, if applicable. 


Sara said...

holy cow holy cow holy cow! I would be there for you guys, promise. I'm so glad you got the all clear.

PS: lol at the singing mammogram.... do they really do that? :)

Jay said...

I just looked at this again this evening....I saw it this morning...and I commented!!! Where is my comment??? I said...I am there for you too...and why didn't you call me so I could stress with you!!!!! Love you!

Diane said...

i am so glad everything was ok. Technology now is incredible, this year my dr office has the 3d available.

Jane said...

Thankful for clean bill