Friday, November 2, 2012

Things a Woman Should Do - Part 8

So close to getting through these....

  1. Have a nude portrait done by a sensitive female photographer. (Why? I don't care how 'sensitive' she is I do not see the purpose in share my nudiness with anybody besides my doctor...and even then I have a paper dress on.)
  2. Go gray for a month. (Well, as soon as I start going gray, I'll just stay that color. Heck, I may even dye myself gray if I start going splotchy. I've seen some women out there with gorgeous heads of gray hair and admit that I am envious of them.)
  3. Dance under a full moon with a gaggle of cackling women. (Sara - Do we know if the weekend of your girls' weekend falls on the night of a full moon?!?)
  4. Read a book on astrophysics or molecular biology from cover to cover. (Only if it comes as a pop-up book with movable parts....)
  5. Realize you are not merely your body. (I know I am so much more than just my body, but sadly the body seems to control so much of who I am and is refusing to let go of that...)
  6. Create a comfort station at work or home stocked with things you love: Jujubes, cucumber hand cream, cherry blossom tea, a special letter or picture. (I have no need to do this... My whole home is my comfort station and it only becomes less so when I have company over. At the office, well, there just isn't the need to get that comfortable there...)
  7. Create an altar in honor of your female ancestors and mentors. (This I need to plan out. I have the perfect spot for it...)
  8. Write three haiku poems about your most amazing, horrible, and baffling sexual experiences and frame them for your boudoir. (Okay, so I may write these haikus, and more, but they will be going the same place as the nude portrait by the 'sensitive female photographer'.)
  9. Be the boss of someone who is bigger and has a deeper voice than you. (I have already done this and realized that no matter who the person is, I do not enjoy being a boss and will make every effort to not be a boss again in the future.)
  10. Rent a tuxedo. (Hmmm, I think I know what I'm wearing to a certain wedding now....)

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Sara said...

hahaha. tuxedo :) love it

Nude portrait.... got an email the other day saying that the "thing he really wants for a wedding present" is lingerie photos and had a special on that. Um, so don't see that happening. Think I'm going with a watch...

Your home is totally a comfort station!