Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Resolution Update

Well, in looking back over my resolutions from last year, let's see where we ended up....
  1. To reach my goal weight (surprise, surprise) - Didn't quite get there, however, I got almost halfway there, so that is a big step in the correct direction.
  2. To finish at least the same number of books in 2011 that I read in 2010 and provide my faithful audience with a review - Yes! I did actually make this resolution. In 2010, I read 25 books and in 2011 I got to 30!! Woo Hoo and I forced a review of each of them on you all!!
  3. To finish half the quilts that are currently in my UFO pile - And, then we start getting into the ones that I didn't make. Yeah, I did almost no quilting in 2011. I have lots of excuses for it, but in the end it is because I was generally too lazy.
  4. To open an ETSY store and try to actually sell something - See response to #3.
  5. To create and stick to a budget - I thought long and hard about a budget and have tried to create one, but in general it has entailed keeping a somewhat running total in my head of what has been spent and THAT is really scary!!
  6. To implement a REAL filing system and stay organized - Yeah, made NO progress on this one, either.
  7. To buy more shoes (oh no, twist my arm on this one) - So, this one I actually did meet...many times over. However, I was actually in a shoe store just the other day and managed to walk out without buying a single one. I am very proud of myself for that, especially since I walked around the store carrying a couple pair for almost an hour but decided that they just weren't needed.
  8. To cook at home more and actually invite people over, which means I have to keep my house clean. - Hmmm, well, I did cook more and I did have my parents come over and stay and eat, but that was over Christmas, so I guess this is something that still needs some work.
  9. To complete all of the exercises in The Artists Way and Writing Down the Bones. - See response to #3. I did NOTHING along the way for this one.
  10. To watch less television...I still need to come up with a reasonable number of hours a week. - Television is my biggest vice. I don't know what it is and why I need to have it on so much, but it is like a drug to me. I spent the majority of the week I had off between Christmas and New Year watching movies that I had recorded instead of doing all the other things that I should have been doing. Ah well, it is a new year to try again, right?
  11. To get my PMP Certification - See response to #3.
  12. To come back in 3 months and provide an update on these resolutions. So, I did do this once.... That counts, doesn't it?
  13. To become more involved in my community...or a community....maybe a community of squirrels would like me to join..... - Well, can I count spending more time with the folks 'in the 'hood' as joining a community?
  14. To get my passport and in turn do some traveling. - I DID get my passport!! Now, I just need to figure out where I'm going to travel to.
  15. To open my heart to love (and actually join and contact the guy that I've been stalking out there). - So, didn't open my heart to love, yet. But have started loving myself more, which is a big step towards being able to open up for love, right?
Well, I guess there is still a lot of work to be done. Let's see what 2012 has to offer....


Diane said...

Should have read this one first.

SAngRiA Smiles said...

AWESOME on the weight loss journey. You rock! And the effort of that should trump anything you didn't get accomplished. You're taking charge of your life, one step at a time.

Da hood is a great community :)

I'm a huge fan of Microsoft Money for budget management.

Filing - 2012 is gonna be the year of purging stuff at my house!

Need to get my passport updated.

My dvr has been neglected lately. I think it's because there hasn't been much on other than football ;)