Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finally Tried Zumba

Well, I finally broke out my Zumba DVDs that I purchased on a whim. (See Whine, Wine, and Zumba?)

I came home from work yesterday and fired up the training DVD and have to say that I LOVED it!! Looking forward to getting into the actual workout now rather than just learning the steps. I did realize a couple of things:
  1. I actually do not have any real rhythm and sorta dance like, well a white chick...and an old white chick at that. However, since I'm trying to Live Boldly, I really don't care and as long as I am moving and not falling down, then it doesn't really matter!!
  2. Devil Dog does not get it AT ALL. I am going to have to either start Zumba-ing over at Sara's house or I'm going to have lock him out of the dance hall while I become a Latin dancer... Last night as I Samba'd and Calypso'd and Meringue'd, Devil Dog either nipped at my pants, tried to dance with me, or would lay in the middle of the floor right where I was trying to do my steps and would chew on his stuffed toy...right under foot.
True, I did not rush home this evening and did not do my Zumba as I planned, but that was because I played with the dog instead. Maybe tomorrow....


SAngRiA Smiles said...

RO! This would make for a great hidden camera show :)

Kim Thomas said...

This is awesome and I want queen b to hide the camera

Jane said...

I tried on Xbox a year ago and promptly put it bacl in the box where it has stayed

Hated it

Diane said...

Glad you liked it! Never tried but have wanted to. Spot is always under foot when I try to work out...months and months ago.