Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 - It Is A New Year!!

It is a new year and time to make those resolutions. There are some resolutions that will take the year to meet, but I want to challenge myself to also set new monthly resolutions. I mean I'm already addicted to my daily/weekly list of things that I have to accomplish, why not give myself a list on the first day of each month of things that I need to do as well, much like I remember to give the dog his heart worm medication on the first day of the month....oh wait, I don't actually want to think about this 'challenges' as a form of preventative medicine to keep from having a parasite enter my bloodstream and stop my heart. And yet, maybe I do. Maybe that is just the thing that I need each month... a preventative medicine to keep laziness from entering my bloodstream.

But, first, my annual list of things that I will probably not get done (and yes, many of these are hold overs from 2011)....
  1. To reach my goal weight (surprise, surprise). I mean, I'm getting really close, should I should have this knocked off before my birthday.
  2. To finish at least the same number of books in 2012 that I read in 2011
  3. To finish half the quilts that are currently in my UFO pile and open an ETSY store and try to actually sell something
  4. To create and stick to a budget and to only spend money on things that I need. Of course, when I achieve #1, then I'll have to buy a whole new wardrobe, and well, who is to say shoes won't be included.
  5. To invite the other folks in "the 'hood" over for a monthly dinner... And maybe host a larger party and have people come drink my wine.
  6. To complete all of the exercises in The Artists Way and Writing Down the Bones
  7. To get home early enough to take the hound for a walk and to dust off my Wii and pop in the Jillian Michaels Kill ABBA routine.
Lucky number 7. I think that is an achievable number of resolutions. I mean, I've already turned off the television for the night so that I can document this, so that is a step in the correct direction, isn't it?


Jay said...

Sounds like a plan...and a very good one at that!!!

Diane said...

Good for you! How many books did you read in 2011?

SAngRiA Smiles said...

Send out a recurring Outlook invite for hood dinners :)

Jane said...

Love these. Especially 4

Kim Thomas said...

Love 1 and 4