Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August Blog Challenge Day 8

Today's challenge is to inform the world who my favorite super hero is and why. I have to go back to my childhood to identify who would be MY favorite super hero. After thinking through my options, and realizing that female supers are few and far between, I opted for Isis:

I remember bits and pieces of the show The Secrets of Isis.

The reasons that I want to be this super hero are:

  1. In her non-super state her name is Andrea. 
  2. She is a high school science teacher, although I would have preferred history. 
  3. She found the amulet that gave her the powers while on an archaeological dig. I think back and wonder why I didn't go into archaeology...should have thought about that when I was thinking about what I wanted to be when I grew up. 
  4. She has a virtually unlimited array of superhuman powers and abilities (of course she is actually a god). 
  5. She speaks in rhyming couplets. 
  6. Even in her non-super state, she has the ability to communicate telepathically with her pet. Yeah, her pet was a bird but I figure if she had a dog she could communicate with him as well. 

So, going forward, if you hear me mumble the phrase "Oh, Mighty Isis", know that I'm just channeling my inner super hero powers....


SAngRiA Smiles said...

awesome! I knew nothing about Isis Andrea :)

Jay said...

It is never too late...dig in!!!!

Diane said...

I remember this show.

Jane said...

I honestly had no idea who she was/is