Thursday, August 9, 2012

August Blog Challenge Day 9

Today's Challenge was to post a picture of a place that has had the biggest impact on me. In thinking back through my life and trying to determine a specific place that has had a big impact on me and the one place that I kept coming back to was:
If you don't know where this is, then perhaps this will help:

Yep, Texas A&M is the place that has had the biggest impact on me. Admittedly, I wonder now if it was the best choice for me. But, having gone there I have to admit that I would certainly NOT be the person that I am today and I would not have had the experiences or know many of the people that I now know. I definitely would have had a different road to travel had I not gone there, but deep down I'm very glad that I did.

I am an Aggie. 


Jane said...

I love passionate aggies!

SAngRiA Smiles said...


Jay said...

I am glad all that college expense has paid off!!! And yes, to the Arrowmont idea!!!! I answered you on my blog then realized you might not get back to it!