Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Month New Goals

So, I've blogged consistently every day last month and am pretty proud of myself. I covered a lot of things and realized a lot of things about myself. One such thing is I'm really bad about making, and keeping, goals. The good thing, though is that I do not feel like I need to berate myself for not fulfilling all my goals. For example. Last month I made the goal that I would run a mile, however, after many attempts I have decided that I'm going to give up running. Every time I try to run, for the following day or two my knees and ankles scream at me. I've determined that perhaps I will never run a marathon and that is okay. I still get out there and walk and a nice clip and I will never stop making the effort.

So with that being said, I'm starting this month off with some new goals and am going to try  really, REALLY hard to meet them. The first goal is to set myself some mini-weekly goals. I have taken the idea from my friend East Coast Andrea to document out on Sunday what she plans to accomplish in the upcoming week. Here is an example of what she does:
So, since tomorrow is Sunday, be on the lookout for what I have planned!!

I also came across the following, which I'm going to try write down just for myself each evening:
I'm trying to focus my mind, body, and attitude towards positivity....


Jane said...

Awesome idea, I have stolen some if her ideas myself

SAngRiA Smiles said...

ooh, fun! I can't wait to follow along with weekly goals :)

Diane said...

Love this. Good luck with your goals!