Saturday, November 10, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 10

I am feeling grateful lately for some very abstract things. One such thing is music. I am grateful for all forms and types. I love to have it playing the background when I'm working or sewing. I'll play classical when I'm reading. I'll turn on some dance music when I'm cleaning. When I need a break from the day, I'll go find something relaxing or upbeat or mid tempo, depending on the mood or the need. Sometimes, I need it to lift me up; other times to calm me down. It makes me laugh and cry. I sing along loudly and badly at times. At other times, I just close my eyes and appreciate the beauty of the sounds. Music is in everything. Music can project so much and it is one of those forms of art that can be interpreted differently by each person who plays it as well as by each person that hears it.

Thank you for music. Here is one of my favorite songs, no matter who performs it and trust me I did a YouTube search and there are a lot of people that have performed it.


Sara said...

LOVE this song

But for some reason when I saw the topic of music, "I'm Sexy and I Know It" started thumping in my head :)

Jane said...

I love music, it reminds me of my oldest daughter.

Diane said...

I cannot imagine a world without music.